Family Stories

To be told your child has an illness and will die before you do is every parent’s worst nightmare.  For some families this is a reality.   Pepper nurses are privileged to work with and to get to know every child and young adult they are caring for and to be invited into their homes.   Here are some of their stories.  




Our daughter Cerys is a gorgeous 5 year old little girl who loves horse riding, unicorns, stroking animals and anything that glitters and makes a noise. She is a fun and sociable little girl with a unique smile. And she makes me and my husband Lee very proud.

Jamie's Video Diary

Jamie and Amber
Amber Jutla, her brother Jamie and mum Caroline appeared on ITV's topical affairs programme This Morning on 17th June 2014 am to highlight Children's Hospice Week.   Amber, three, has been diagnosed with Infantile Batten Disease and her family are supported by the Pepper Nurses.  Children's Hospice Week is the UK's only annual awareness raising and fundraising week for children with life-limiting conditions and the services, like children's hospices, that support them. 

Edward's Angels

Pepper:  green, red or black and used in cooking; the name of my Dad’s cat. That’s all that ‘pepper’ meant to me until June of last year. But now the word means freedom, a lifeline, care and support.