Mudnificient 7 Obstacle Race

Caroline Jutla has taken on the challenge of the 2017 Mudnificent 7 Obstacle Course Race.  Below she explains why.
'So many reasons why I am raising money for this invaluable charity. Receiving a diagnosis that my little girl will die, well.... how do you digest that? Pepper supported us emotionally through our daughters diagnosis. Through the months she deteriorated, they were there with guidance, support and complete nursing care. Amber looked upon them as family. 
I could call upon them in the middle of the night if Amber was having a "blip"... suddenly one of those blips ... sadly took her life. But Amber passed away at home. Where she loved it most, surrounded by her family. We feel so lucky to have had a pepper nurse with us. Watching my child slip away to heaven was soul destroying.... but just the simple presence of a pepper nurse calmed me in that moment of sheer terror. Her reasurance, calm and caring presence gave Amber dignity and peace and I don't know how to ever repay the nurses for all that they have done.'
If you would like to support Caroline and cheer her on, please visit her Just Giving Page HERE and find out more about her fundraising challenge.
Saturday, 12 August, 2017 - 10:00
Heart Park