The Support Team

The Pepper Foundation has just one part time paid employees.  All our Trustees and Directors give their time on a voluntary basis.

We have a number of occasional and regular volunteers, who do everything from assisting with admin through to helping organise and run our fundraising events.  If you think you would like to offer some of your time as either a Pepper Trustee, as a member of the Fundraising Group or as a Volunteer, please visit our Volunteering Page or Contact Us!

The Pepper Foundation - Trustees
Pat Daley Daniel Zammit Julie Monroe  

Pat Daley

Daniel Zammit* Julie Monro*  
Malcolm Page      
Malcolm Page
*also serves on the Board of Pepper Events Limited and/or is a member of Pepper Fundraising Group


Pepper Events Limited - Directors
and Pepper Fundraising Group
Mike Stephenson Eric Pillinger Tony Smith  
Mike Stephenson
Managing Director
Eric Pillinger Tony Smith  


Administration and Fundraising Team
Moira Massingale Donna Hughes    
Moira Massingale 
Company Secretary
Donna Hughes
& Support Manager