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The Spinnaker Tower is no match for Brenda!

Brenda Veitch was inspired to celebrate a milestone birthday in spectacular fashion at the end of May - by abseiling down the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth!  Plucky Brenda joined other like minded adrenalin junkies at the top of the the 170-metre landmark observation tower, before taking her turn to abseil down.

She was so quick that her son, who was racing to the bottom to take a photo, missed her arrival on terra firma as Brenda was a whole lot quicker than the lift!   Luckily there were some photos taken, and we are delighted to share one with you.

SERCO events raise a whopping £1041!

Serco Streets Supervisor, Kerry Jones (Wycombe & Chiltern Serco UK&E) and his colleagues have been raising funds for the children's service over the past few months.

Based in High Wycome and Amersham the team held a car boot sale on 28th May and have also had a raffle and been out and about with 'Travelling Ted'.  The intrepid bear visited various locations including Chiltern District Council, Clay Lane Depot, Ringway Jacobs and London Road East, where there was an opportunity to guess his name.